Forever Thrifty

Its been a while since I’ve done a fashion post. Figured I would post one of my favorite pieces. Believe it or not I got this coat from a thrift store. My love for vintage items is pretty extreme. This wonderful gift has been passed down to me from my wonderful mother (mimi). She is the original thrift Queen. My Mimi will make a dollar holla!!

If you’re a creative human being you would have a ball in a thrift store without spending outlandish prices. Second hand does not mean cheap, just wise about how you spend money. Just being a good steward of your resources. Money or not you will ALWAYS find me at a thrift store, consignment, garage sale, second hand store. They are the best places to find one of kind pieces. Heavenly!! I use what I have and make it work!  #ForeverThirfter

The goal is finding the right pieces that express your personality that can be worn over and over again! Timeless is key.

Finding pieces when you know your body is not cooperating with you. For me a great fitted jacket with a high waist is perfect camouflage. This particular day my body was acting all kinda crazy and I knew this would work. I wasn’t feeling a really high heel either so I opted for a nice comfy boot that would compliment the jacket.


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