His Will

Staying in “His Will” is a humble walk. When we ask God to show us what to do he shows us. But if it doesn’t look or sound the way we think it should be we throw God out of the picture as if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Seriously, just don’t pray. Go, ahead do your own thing its your life and you know better right. We slap God in the face when we don’t trust “his will”.Trust him, he knows what to do. I am living proof that it works!

I have no collaboration with none of these stores: All statements and opinions are my own. 

Makeup and Hair: TricaB

Photos: Mimi 

Blouse: Vintage Roman Print long sleeve blouse is from the Salvation Army. The marvelous price of $5. I love print blouses and tops. They bring so much character and flavor to any outfit. Styling the blouse it is easy. You can dressed it up or down. Great opportunity to use your imagination.

Black Dress: Women Solid Long Sleeve Bodycon Evening Party Cocktail Winter Turtleneck Dress can be found on Ebay. Solid colored pieces work for me every time. The season is changing and it time to toss the turtle neck however, I love this dress. Its so comfy!

Red heelJessica Simpson. My ALL time favorite shoe. I own five pair of the “Waleo” Heel.

Red Envelope Clutch: Snatched this cute purse at a consignment shop about 8 years ago. Not to sound like a broken record but I enjoy purchasing items that can remain relevant for years. Similar item can be found on Ebay.

Statement Jewelry: I found the earrings and necklace at a hospital gift shop.Who knew you could find such a darling set. The price was best part $10. I’ve had this set for several years now but still a relevant style.

Change is necessary to for destiny. It may be uncomfortable and strange but apart of the process. Failing to trust his will only shortens the journey. #HisWill  #ServingGodWithStyle

My Prayer: “Lord keep me in the center of your perfect will not my will but thine will be done. I might not understand or like it so help me to adjust to it and stay strong because your will is designed just for me”-TricaB™ 


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