Just Jump!

My brother decided to take me on a surprise quest this weekend. He is the adventurous type and fears nothing. I can honestly say the most flexible person I know when it comes to having fun. Then there is me, not fearful just reluctant to certain things. I like to play it safe. We discussed the plan for the day, I listen but when he got to public transportation I freaked. It sounds crazy but this was my first time taking this popular car service. The idea of getting in the car with a complete stranger did nothing for my nervous system. Like, I seriously had anxiety attack. Sweaty palms and repetitive thoughts of catastrophe were wearing me out. “Trica you can do this and it is not that bad!” Sitting in the front seat texting my mother like“If anything happens to me here is the name of car and the license plate number”. I pulled out a nail file to give my nails some attention then I started looking out of the window.  Let’s not forget I was gazing from the corner of my eye at the driver whom was incredibly handsome. That did offer a mild distraction for what was going on in my brain. It’s funny now but at the time it was traumatic! Once we arrived at our destination the F U N began! By far the best weekend I’ve had in YEARS…Those memories will last for the rest of my life.

I said all of this to say; sometimes you must take fear by the horns and just JUMP! Whatever, issues that might appear to be scary tackle it and make it do what it do. The whole weekend was based off getting out of my comfort zone. Not allowing my typical norm to define my destination. For too long, I thought my “happiness” came from my comfort zone but not so. Real success always requires change and flexibility.  This weekend was a stretching moment and I took it, reluctant and all.  It didn’t help that my brother gave me no other option. He was like “You gon do this sis, get it together!” It is a blessing to have that one person that pushes you to the edge. My family is notorious when it comes to “pushing”. Geesh it wears me out. But I’m blessed. I am not afraid to admit that I need that in my life.

As humans, there will always be doubt about our capabilities. God makes it possible to achieve all things, Just Jump! You never know what may be on the other side of fear. And most of the time once you have tackled fear it’s not so bad. There is freedom and authority that comes with conquering apprehension.

Starting this blog was a huge pill for me to swallow. Daily, I began to chip at it piece by piece. Taking pictures and inviting the world in too my most cherished thoughts. Unthinkable! My privacy has always been a part of my makeup. Exposing things about myself that no one outside of my family would ever know takes courage. Having the guidance of the God keeps me ahead of the game. Life challenges are not just for you. They belong to others for growth and encouragement. If I can do it so can you!

One phone call can change your ENTIRE world! On the other side of fear is destiny and complete bliss. Answer the call and JUST JUMP!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

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