Made in “His” Image

If I had a dollar for every time I doubted my looks and ability no doubt, I would be wealthy. No matter, I still belong to the creator. Life can be cruel which is automatic ammunition for doubt of all abilities. If you confess to be a child of God you ARE beautiful in his sight. God does NOT make any junk! What may be pretty on the outside does not always mean it’s pretty on the inside. I’ve spent many years rebuilding my self esteem while beautifying the inside as well as the outside. (Still much work to be done!) As long as the blood is running warm through my veins there will always be room for improvement.  While you are yet breathing NEVER stop loving on “HIS” image!!

Makeup and Hair: TricaB

The wind was on ten this day but we made it work. Didn’t want to overdue the makeup. Sometimes a little goes a long way!

Photos: Believe it or not my Mimi took these pictures. She has been the driving force for all this…Just Love her!!

I have no collaboration with none of these stores: All statements and opinions are my own. 

The top I picked up from the thrift store. Yes, it is Vintage from the 80’s.  I love it because its comfortable. It can be worn with skirt or  jeans. The asymmetric design and the slightly balloon sleeves is what sold me. Love Love Love this style! All about the character of the shirt. Along with Chanel (ish) leopard design.
Royal Blue Suede Shoes: Jessica Simpson.   My ALL time favorite shoe. I own five pair of the “Waleo” Heel. It is a very comfortable heel. You can NEVER go wrong with a vibrant color shoe. The style and cut of this shoe I believe was design just for me. Needless to say that this brand of shoe has endless cute styles. Love a fancy shoe but I endorse shoes that can be worn forever!
Statement Necklace: Ebay has become my “Go-To” for just about everything. I already know I need to buy stock with them because they keep me right! I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount of money for certain things. Time will be required to surf through the countless styles. When you find a deal Snatch it!
Lucked up on the super comfy Faded Glory Faux leather leggings at Walmart. Yup, went straight to the clearance rack. When I see the yellow and black writing I’m there. Believe it or not they were $7. If you can not locate them online you can always find them at any Walmart. Leggings work for me for many reasons. For one I’m short and it gives great extension to my height along with the popping vibrant heel . Second, I often wear eclectic tops a low-key pant pulls off the look. Its all on how you style them!

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”- Genesis 1:27

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