Much Brighter, Much Better!

Someone ask me why am I always talking about God this and God that? My response is simple. I have enough sense to know that I’m nothing without him. Humility will always keep “favor” working for you. When I do things on my own it never works out. It doesn’t matter how creative or talented I am, God is the one that makes it happen. The reality is my relationship with God is solid. I have no intention on leaving him EVER!! Whatever you may choose to believe, just be much brighter and much better!

I have no collaboration with none of these stores: All statements and opinions are my own.

Makeup and Hair: Being chemical free (natural) has its ups and downs so I try to be as creative as possible. Some days I just run out! Having been a stylist for 15 years doing my own hair can be challenging.

Floral Jacket & White Top: Village Discount Outlet. The jacket was $2.50 and it was half off! If you haven’t checked them out please don’t sleep on them. I completely lose it every time they have a sale. Check out their website to find a location near you.

Floral Shoes:  Village Discount Outlet. They were $7 After about 5 hours of continuous wear I was ready for them to be removed from my feet. However, I always receive hefty amounts of compliments.

The Purse: The Goodwill: Vintage Shoe bag $3.

Out of the two thrift stores my top pick would be Village Discount for two reasons. They are cheaper and also you find more eclectic items. LOVE IT!! Make that imagination work for you!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.- Matthew 5:16

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