Please, Get Over Yourself…

There is nothing that I could have planned that has gotten me this far. Did I see my life as is it now.. Definitely Not! I had a completely different game plan for “TricaB”. No one plans to be divorced, no kids and several career changes. The past week has been an eye opener more like an eye opener of the truth.“Trica you control nothing, so get over yourself”.

There is no way I could achieve a 1/4 of success with out God living on the inside of me. His Grace and Mercy keeps me going! What I am trying to say is this, when a decision is made to give God 100% control of your life, its like handing over the title and deed to your success. God does just that and he keeps his promises. The only thing that is required is to be open and be prepared to move when it is time. In my mind, I thought that if I give God a few suggestions or request he would do it my way it would turn out better. Ignorantly realizing that he doesn’t need my help. All he wants is for me to trust him! Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding, in all the way acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path- Proverbs 3:5

Religious thinking can block & destroy destiny. If not careful, it can kill it prematurely. People perish because of lack of knowledge- Hosea 4:6. This way of thinking can sabotage your happiness and true freedom in God. The brain is programmed to think one way and God is trying to expose another way. People can sometimes get stuck in a box, triangle, or circle refusing to move because they feel there way is the Better way. Instead of asking God is this the right way for me? His word says: I am the way the truth and the life- John 14:6. If want the right way God is the only way.

For me change can be challenging and if it is not conducive to my logic I sometimes freeze up. When I freeze I can’t hear and then I block God’s voice. My will is entirely different from Gods will. The lesson was learning to let go of my will. God is always reminding me I created you, I am smarter than you and you promised me your life. “Get over yourself Trica and let me do this”. #BOOM

Tell pride, ego, religious thinking or whatever you want to call it to disappear because those triplets will demolish you. When I caught the “Rhema” of that it freed me and I began to fill a sense of serenity come over me. I have to admit dealing with human nature and being somewhat OCD can sometimes get in the way but, I say to “you can do this”. God knows right where you are. Trust is often hard when all you see is darkness. Sometimes, that thing will scare you half to death, but the bible is an instant “Fear Eraser”.

If I were so smart and so logical I would have fixed ALL my situations the moment they pop up. Poof Be Gone!!  But I am not. Life will humble if you let it. It will set your behind down somewhere and teach you a thang or two. My mom tells me all the time “You are not all that boo, humble yourself!” Oh the power of humility.

What keeps me centered to the ground is knowing that there will always be someone smarter, prettier, and can sing better than me. In a snap of a finger life can change and no one will ever remember you existed. I have been through enough to know that I have absolutely no power over what happens, but as long as I’m in Christ I can survive anything. I die to flesh daily, allowing my talent and intelligence to be used by God. And if I get out of line you better believe he checks me… “Hey Trica Get over yourself!!!”

If you are dealing with a situation and wondering why it is not changing, step back and look at it. You might discover that it’s YOU. God is telling you to do it his way but you refuse to. Too stubborn to trust God and listen. What are you thinking? Do you not believe God can handle it? Not trusting God is like slapping him in the face. Pretty much you are saying, “God I am smarter and my way is better. Why do you pray and ask him for direction if you are going to take matters into your own hands.

Not to offend anyone but I must say this. Do yourself a favor go ahead and do what you want to do. Quit praying and wasting the Lords time. As a matter of fact stop asking me, the pastor, prayer partner, mother, father, deacon board, mother’s board etc to pray with you for direction. And leave the dog alone too, stop complaining to the dog about “How rough (ruff) LOL it is!” Had to throw that in there, yeah I know it was corny but I thought it was funny.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are nothing without God wake up and Get over yourself, let God do it, trust him, listen to him and move on it. Yes, it will be uncomfortable but just trust it! Quit being a block head and do it Gods way. I guarantee life will be much smoother and that situation will change. Let yourself out of the cage and be free.

The key is be willing to receive and accept the move of God. Daily, I am learning to Get over myself and let him to do the his will in my life.

My Prayer: “Lord keep me in the center of your perfect will not my will but thine will be done. I might not understand or even like it but help me to adjust to it and stay strong because your will is design just for me”.

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