Price Tag

Being in the center of God’s perfect will comes with many hidden surprises.Those that know me, are aware that I would prefer to be left alone chilling in the background pushing someone else. However, God didn’t set it up that way! I am at the point where if God says move I move. The rewards have blown my edges WAYY back! It sounds funny but I am so serious. The things that have been manifesting has left me speechless. God is GREAT and he gets all the glory!

Assignments come with a price tag. Yes, it is a promotion but its also connected to a “God assignment”. Trying to explain this to a carnal minded person is impossible but those that are spiritual will get this right away. I have learned when you are on a “God assignment” a lot of people will turn on you. There will also be a lot of opposition. The key here is being strong in the Lord. My whole life has been preparing me for today.

With promotions, loneliness will be present. God will start to strip away the dead ends.  Good news is God is always there, he will never leave you or forsake you.

With promotions, jealousy may pop-up. “Her little thing she doing or They think they all that”. You are all that in God. The greater one lives on the inside. Smile and love them anyway.

Promotions can be uncomfortable. Comfort zones will be destroyed. Being stretched and pulled in directions that you didn’t think were possible. With God, all things are possible-Matt 19:26

Promotions and assignments may or may not make you popular. Being important is really not important! Your life experiences are designed to help someone else.

To gain promotion, growth, and maturity must be present. This involves hours of studying and training. Once, that is completed the person is now ready for the next position. Promotion cannot come if you are not prepared to handle it. God will not give you something that you are NOT ready for. For example, I want new furniture but I haven’t gotten rid of the old. I have to make room and prepare my home to receive the new furniture. Preparation is key to promotion.

More responsibility and accountability comes with this. Lets face it everyone is not capable. Learning to juggle every little detail of your life along with making time for yourself. Definitely not an easy task. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me- Philippians 4:13

I don’t boast in myself but I boast in the Lord when I say this, I have earned my stripes through years of pain, blood, struggle, tears, and countless cycles or rejection. Through all of this, I had to be broken and the results brought forth humility. Not everyone is willing to be humbled and broken. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land-Isaiah 1:19

The secret is “willing and obedient” both work together. Cannot have one without the other. Trust me, I tried and it doesn’t work. People want all of the gilts and titles but have no idea about the STRUGGLE! It has been a VERY expensive journey but worth it. Many see the smile but, never see the tears in the dark!

My Prayer: “Lord Keep me in the center of your perfect will not my will but thine will be done. I might not understand or even like it but help me to adjust to it and stay strong because your will is designed just for me” – TricaB™

Maturity is available for those that will accept it-Trica B

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